China Goggles

Version 2.2

Translate Chinese words to English from live camera, still photo or album with this revolutionary app. No internet connection required. Supports both horizontal and vertical text.

  • No need to have any knowledge of Chinese to use it
  • Can analyze several words at a time
  • It recognizes over 3,000 (most frequent 95%) Chinese characters
  • Dictionary contains around 100,000 common word entries
  • Developed by LucSens – It’s that easy™
Available on the iPhone


Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4G and iPod touch 4G.
Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later.

Join the revolution

Have you tried to learn Chinese and got lost when trying to read something? Have you found yourself buying a lot paper and electronic dictionaries than turn out to be totally useless?

No more worries!

China Goggles (developed by LucSens) is an incredible iPhone application that translates Chinese words to English from live camera, a still photo or album. This is the World’s very first real Chinese-English dictionary.

To list just some of its features:

  • know how to read over 3,000 (most frequent 95%) Chinese characters
  • has an dictionary with around 100,000 common words
  • splits the text into words that you can look up individually
  • if you have Internet access, you can translate whole sentences
  • keeps a list of all the words it scans so you can come back to them later or use them as flash cards

All the processing occurs on the iPhone, so you don’t need to have Internet connection. No need to know anything about the Chinese language to use it. All you have to do is hold up the phone to the text, make sure you crop whole caracters in line and VoilĂ !, China Goggles translates it immediately into English.

Interesting… Great for some simple signs!


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